Monday, July 30, 2007

10th Circuit

Briscoe: Kansas, Kansas, Wake Forest
Gorsuch: Harvard, Harvard, Michigan, Northwestern
Hartz: Hastings, Northwestern, Penn, Vanderbilt
Henry: Oklahoma
Holmes: Indiana, Oklahoma
Kelly: Catholic, Fordham, Notre Dame
Lucero: Boston College, Columbia, GWU, Yale
McConnell: Harvard, Penn, Pepperdine, Yale
Murphy: New Mexico, WUSTL
Tacha: Duke, Kansas
Tymkovich: Harvard
Ebel (Sr.): Chicago, Hastings
Holloway (Sr.): Texas
Seymour (Sr.): Georgetown
Anderson (Sr.): None
Baldock (Sr.): [Seton Hall], [W&L]
Brorby (Sr.): None
Porfilio (Sr.): None

Unavailable: O'Brien, McKay (Sr.), McWilliams (Sr.)


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