Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Vault 100 clerkship salary bonus chart

To view the latest clerkship salary bonus for Vault 100 firms, click here.
Last updated March 19, 2008.

Monday, October 1, 2007

About this blog

I've only included clerks hired this year. A two-year clerk in the second year of a clerkship for 2008-2009, for instance, would not be included [but a clerk working a second year would be bracketed]. Feel free to post anonymously. It's not the most readable format, but if you search using Ctrl+F, it makes it extremely easy to find the information you want, all on one page. It's also easy for me to edit, and I don't have to host a Web page.

Do not confuse this site with the Clerkship Notification Blog. This site is not intended to be a resource for information on which judges are hiring or who has begun interviewing. It is only intended to log which judges have hired from which schools. Judges who did not hire any clerks this term (generally those with only career clerks) are so noted. Inactive judges are not listed.

Do not tell me that I'm missing information or about how inaccurate my information is. If it's inaccurate and you can correct the errata, then tell me what to correct and I'll do so. If it's inaccurate but you have no factual information that can remedy the errata, save some anecdotal evidence of "at least a dozen" people who're clerking, or that "I can think of at least three that aren't listed," but you fail to name who they're clerking for, I'll ignore your comments. It's utterly unproductive.

This site focuses solely on federal appellate clerks. There are numerous other resources for Supreme Court clerks, and it does not track staff attorneys. It also looks only at clerks who will work the 2008-2009 term.